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Become a part of the NEW ART VallARTa Museo Artists Registry Project today!

This artists registry is a public, not for profit, community project to document all the artists that have contributed to making the Banderas Bay such a creative and beautiful area of Mexico.

The Registry grows with all the information you can share about the artist you are or the artist you have known in the Puerto Vallarta area. We are building a kind of Wikipedia of artists that have lived, worked, created art in our area since the earliest days. From Ancient to Modern day. Even if an artist’s just visited to paint one painting or play one song they can be a part of this historical archive of artists. This information is to be shared with the public so they can fill in historical context and share the rich cultural resources where we live.
It’s very easy to participate!

ARTISTS – share your story. Upload examples of your work and give us information about your experience as a creator in our community.

ART LOVER – If you are looking for an artist, do a search and if you have any information to contribute, like a photo or details about their life help us build their story to share. Add a new artist if they are not in our database and we will help with the research about them.

LOCAL RESIDENTS OF THE BANDERAS BAY – Your help is particularly important! You might know some of the earliest history and living history of Puerto Vallarta to really help the Museum with its mission to preserve artistic history of Puerto Vallarta. You are the experts!

TOURIST – Share artists, travel photos and experiences of your time or a family member’s time in Puerto Vallarta. Your individual or family history of visiting this lovely area contributed heavily to the growth of art in our area. Great place to share early travel information that is easily lost from the past.

ART GALLERY OWNERS, ART EDUCATORS and PERFORMANCE SPACES – You live the art everyday. Please help us make this database a resource you would like to use to document artistic endevors and your activities that have built the Art Community that we now are. We would love to hear about past exhibition and artist you have exhibited, included and believe they should be enjoyed and remembered. Please make sure your project, institution is part of our Registry

VOLUNTEERS!!!! – If you or your group would like to help with research and collecting data we need you! Please email [email protected] and we will get right back to you with opportunities for you to be part of this and if you like other ART VallARTa MUSEO Volunteer opportunities.

Sheila Seguin

I am a painter, printmaker and art teacher whose work is personal and expressive of all that has happened to me and moved me. My style is expressionist; the work is figurative, imaginative and colorful. It contains realistic images along with abstract images. I have been painting for over 40 years and hailed from New York City.

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Ryan Pickle

Originally from Chicago, Ryan is a classical trained dancer and also holds a degree in Fashion Design. He and his partner have owned a property in PV for close to a decade and are happy to be a permanent part of the community.

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Ernesto Guerra

For some, dreams are simply a succession of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. We live them subconsciously but they are doomed to dissolve at daybreak or the sound of the alarm clock. We are fortunate if even a trace of them remains after they flee.  If we are truly lucky, the experience endures, haunts and gnaws at us until we have no choice but to give it breath and color, allowing the reverie to become life itself.

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Brenda Medina

I was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico in 1997. My inclination to drawing was since I was a child but I did not receive classes, most of my life I was self-taught, I learned watercolor technique when I was in high school and with time I perfected it, Until I was 19 years old I began to practice the oleó technique. In 2016 I started my university studies in the Bachelor of Dental Surgeon and in 2020 I received myself as a professional.

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Tony Collantez

Tony’s art includes numerous public murals, which have won many international competitions and are on display in Argentina, Canada, Chile, Mexico and the U.S.

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Carol Anne Anderson

I became interested in glass about 25 years ago and by making every mistake possible I finally created a stained glass window. Shortly there after my hands healed from the cuts and I jumped into glass fusing. The improvements in glass and kilns have made this quite an adventure. The Dichroic glass make glass magical and mysterious.

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Daniel Lechón

Daniel Lechón begins in Puebla, his birthplace, on January 2, 1929. Member of a family of seven siblings, Lechón’s father managed to send his son to the Autonomous University of Mexico, of the which he graduated with a master’s degree in art in 1949.

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Georgia Powell

Coming from Melbourne Australia, Georgia now calls Mexico home. With a background in art and design, Georgia channeled her creativity for many years as a Floral Artist where her love of color and passion for beauty could be expressed.

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Efren Gonzalez

The journey to becoming a working artist began early, winning local and regional drawing competitions as early as primary school. After high school, he began studying architecture and then visual arts, but shortly found that he hadn’t the patience for either

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Edgar Starr

  Known for his work on Pinocchio (1940), Fantasia (1940) and Song of the South (1946). A colorful personality, whose emotional extremes can be grasped through his nephew, Mike Baldwin, recounting how his uncle resigned from Disney with a fiery march into Walt Disney’s office, followed by Starr smashing and backyard-burying all his Disney animation celluloid and other artwork.

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Manuel Lepe Macedo

Born in Puerto Vallarta on April 17, 1936, Manuel Lepe transformed his paintings into an embassy of colors, spreading the message of the city’s beautiful scenarios, and its most pure traditions, all over the world.

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Veronica Rangel

Being a teenager she got a painting prize in a school contest representing her home state. Her first teacher was the outstanding painter Daniel Inchaurregui (1936-1985), later the teacher Ireri Topete. She considers herself a watercolor artist, although she also handles acrylic with dexterity.

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