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Mi Museo integrates Mexico’s federal/state public school kindergarten curriculum standards with developmentally centered interactive art activities in association with ARTe VallARTa Museum.

The pilot program represents one of the first in Mexico that directly links the standards with a museumart education program.

Mi Museo includes four basic research-based characteristics of child-centered quality programs
that connect art with learning:

1. Art helps children develop problem solving skills while building new concepts and
playing with ideas.

2. Being in museums inspires children to discover.

3. Children need opportunities to explore within organized, sensory experiences.

4. With planned lessons, children can learn elements of art and kindergarten standard
curriculum at the same time.



1. El arte ayuda a los niños a desarrollar habilidades para resolver problemas mientras construyen nuevos conceptos y
juegan con las ideas.
2. Estar en museos inspira a los niños a descubrir.
3. Los niños necesitan oportunidades para explorar dentro de experiencias sensoriales organizadas.
4. Con lecciones planificadas, los niños pueden aprender elementos de arte y plan de estudios de jardín de niños al mismo tiempo.

Mi Museo Director Candace Kaye, Ph.D.

Mi Museo Education Specialist Analuisa Espinosa

ARTe VallARTa Museum Director Nathalie Herling


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