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Daniel Lechón begins in Puebla, his birthplace, on January 2, 1929. Member of a family of seven siblings, Lechón’s father managed to send his son to the Autonomous University of Mexico, of the which he graduated with a master’s degree in art in 1949. Shortly after, he moved to the city of Puerto Vallarta and married his first wife, the mother of Dr. Elena Lechón. In this Mexican port, Lechón worked as an art teacher while taking care of his own gallery and restaurants. Moved to Houston 1970, Lechón was one of four artists chosen in 1997 to participate in “Artists at Work,” a project of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. He also is the illustrator for three children’s books, one of which, “The Desert is My Mother/El Desierto es Mi Madre,” received the Skipping Stone Award.

Daniel Lechón

Birth Year: January 2, 1929
Location of Birth: Puebla
Death Year: January 1, 1970
Nationality: Mexico
Mediums: Painting
Type of Artist in the Banderas Bay Area: Resident Artist
Ethnicity: Mexican
The artist lived and created art in the Bajia de Banderas area: Yes
Education: Autonomous University of Mexico, Master’s degree in art 1949