ARTe VallARTa Museo
Art VallARTa Museum – Corona Membership – Annual


  • Free ART VallARTa Museo entry for two adults for the full year of your membership
  • 12 guest passes for museum entry to share with your friends
  • Early entry to ART VallARTa Museo special events and openings of exhibitions
  • Invitation to ART VallARTa Museo Patron Members Special Events
  • Member Discount Pricing on all Art Vallarta Classes for 2 selected adults
  • 10% off in ART VallARTa Museo Gift Galleria
  • Choice of two ART VallARTa Museo Premium items
  • Private Tour of ART VallARTa Museo Exhibition and Gallery space with Director of the Museo, you are welcome to bring up to 6 people with you to this tour.
  • A dinner invitation for 2 to the Directors home
  • Choice of one piece of original art donated by our ART VallARTa artists
  • Special Recognition in our Donors page (if desired)
  • ART VallARTa Museo Discounts at local Business Supporters:
    • Art Vallarta Art Supply Tienda – 10% off & Amor Remance Gift Boutique
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