ARTe VallARTa Museo

Sculpture Clay by Liliana Solorio.

Acquisition Date: 06/01/2021
Country of Origin: Mexico
State of Origin: Jalisco
Village of Origin: El Tuito
Artist: Liliana Solorio
When Made: Summer 2021
Material: Clay local from El Tuito
Colors: Unpainted
Number of Pieces: 1
Local name for Item: Mayan Goddess of Cocao and Maize Pre Columbian Replica
Length: 43 cm
Width: 50 cm
Technic: Hand built, lightly burnished
Style: Pre Columbian Reproduction
Who was the piece acquisitioned by: Nathalie Herling
Loaned by: Nathalie Herling
Where is piece stored: Art VallARTa Museo
Written references to piece: Los Mayas Book
Estimated replacement value: 400 USD
Year: 2021