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Robert Howell grew up in Florida, lived in California, Colorado, and long time resident of Puerto Vallarta Mexico. He had no formal art education, but always loved and admired art. After 40 years he retired from healthcare and educational administration in 2007. He picked up his first paint brush after retirement and from those days forward he has painted mostly portraits of interesting people (Drag Queens) and indigenous Mexicans at work, and play. He loves the work in unveiling the personality of his subjects through a style of Painterly Realism. He has been a community activist in Puerto Vallarta in working towards ¨Gringo¨ involvement in the community in positive ways through several organizations.

Robert Howell

Birth Year: June 8, 1945
Location of Birth: FLORIDA
Nationality: USA
Mediums: Painting
Type of Artist in the Banderas Bay Area: Resident Artist
The artist lived and created art in the Bajia de Banderas area: Yes
Phone: 7194335720
Education: B.S. Florida State University, M.A. San Francisco State University, California State Northridge, Brigham Young University, no formal art training