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Ramiz Barquet was originally from Mexico City but from Valparaiso at heart, since he resided for 33 years in that city. His beginning in sculpture began at an early age.

He studied in Mexico City and later continued in Canada; In Montreal and Quebec attended the School of Fine Arts and Furniture.  On his return to Mexico he collaborated for several years with the sculptor Augusto Bozzano.  From 1946 he made several trips to Europe, where he attended art courses in Paris and Florence.

Currently some of his works are in cities of the Mexican Republic, as well as in Canada, the United States, Japan, China and various countries in Europe and Latin America.

The story of Ramiz Barquet has the parallel threads of love, art, spirituality and heritage woven into different patterns, each vying to be dominant in the beautiful tapestry that was his life until his passing at the age of 90 on July 4, 2010, in Puerto Vallarta.

Ramiz Barquet

Location of Birth: Mexico City
Location of Death: Puerto Vallarta
Nationality: Mexico
Mediums: Sculpture
Type of Artist in the Banderas Bay Area: Visiting Artist
The artist lived and created art in the Bajia de Banderas area: Yes