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Mathis Lídice (Félix Fernando Baños López) Was born on november 3, 1936 in Oaxaca, Mexico.
He worked two years on The Millennia sculpture requested by the local PV government to celebrate the new millennium.
Has lived in Puerto Vallarta since March 26, 1972.
His very active cultural and intellectual life has resulted in a long list of achievements, among these, we can mention some of the ones related directly to the artistic life and culture in Puerto Vallarta.
Promoted the statue “Nostalgia” by sculptor and artist Ramiz Barquet and its placement on the Malecon in 1984.
As part of the Sister Cities committee, participated in the project that concluded with the placement of “The Friendship Fountain” on the Malecon in 1987.
Worked on the project to install sculptures as the visual finishing touch for all the Malecon’s perpendicular streets. Reinstalled the original Seahorse Statue (The Boy on the Seahorse) at Las Pilitas Beach, restored by Fernando Baños, Rafael Zamarripa and financed by Alejandro Meza.
Authored the lyrics for the official Puerto Vallarta hymn, approved by the local government in May 1987.
Future works include a sculpture in honor of Guadalupe Sánchez Torres, founder of Puerto Vallarta, and a monumental bust of the city historian Carlos Munguía Fregoso.

Mathis Lídice (Felix Fernando Baños López)

Birth Year: November 3, 1936
Location of Birth: Oaxaca, Mexico
Nationality: Mexico
Mediums: Sculpture
Type of Artist in the Banderas Bay Area: Resident Artist
The artist lived and created art in the Bajia de Banderas area: Yes