ARTe VallARTa Museo

Woman and Bird by Jesús Botello Sánchez “Tellosa”.

Acquisition Number: 2022.14
Acquisition Date: 02/07/2022
Shape: Square.
Country of Origin: México.
State of Origin: Jalisco.
Village of Origin: Puerto Vallarta.
Artist: Jesús Botello Sánchez “Tellosa”
When Made: 1985
Material: Mixed media on canvas.
Colors: Red, brown, black, blue, white, yellow, orange, pink. silver.
Number of Pieces: 1
Height of Complete Piece: 72 ½ in.
Length: 73 in.
Width: 2 in.
Technic: Mixed media on fabric.
Style: Stylized realism.
Who was the piece acquisitioned by: Elroy Quenroe.
Loaned by: Elroy Quenroe.
On exhibition: Yes.