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Lorenzo Gaz is an Atlanta-based realistic abstract artist who winters in Puerto Vallarta and was encouraged to become an artist after retirement by a close relative, David Gaz, the Internationally recognized artist, photographer, and film producer. Gaz is in his sixth career as a grafitero (street artist) following success in Corporate America, as an entrepreneur, and most recently a university educator. His crisp and brightly-colored acrylic paintings and murals capture many familiar icons in Puerto Vallarta, mimic Miro, Munch, and many other well-known artists of the 19th and 20th century as well as bring to life street art from Spain and Mexico. He envisions his legacy as uplifting residents and visitors from around the world by painting street art of his dynamic, whimsical, and smiling “happy folks” (la gente feliz) series on otherwise unattractive and mundane spaces around the world. Among other honors, his signature image, El Amante Feliz (The Happy Lover) was selected in 2018 by the Art-on-the-Atlanta-BeltLine committee to be included in their permanent collection of murals.

Lorenzo Gaz

Nationality: Mexico
Mediums: Painting
Type of Artist in the Banderas Bay Area: Visiting Artist
The artist lived and created art in the Bajia de Banderas area: Yes