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Connect with Mexico – Season Pass 2022

3150 MXN
Enjoy the entire season of Connect with Mexico - Once purchased you will be enrolled for the entire season! For schedule and information - please click here     

La Doña by Ernesto Guerra

6000 MXN
Acrylic on canvas 30 x 40 inches Original

El Sol by Ernesto Guerra

4000 MXN
Acrylic on Wood 36 inches across Original

Mitad de Vida by Ernesto Guerra

2500 MXN
Acrylic  on Canvas
16x20 inches

Connect with Mexico – Mexico explained, in plain English.

From: 350 MXN
Season pass available here
We will once again meet to discuss this beautiful and challenging country. Come to discover the marvels, mysteries, customs, and politics of Mexicans… learn what makes them tick and you'll be ready to talk to them and learn more about your adopted country.
​It all starts on 11 January 2022, check our list of topics below and be ready to attend the in-depth, friendly conversation we've created just for you.

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