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Dia de los Muertos Ceramic Class!

From: 1050 MXN
Make your own Dia de Los Muertos Altar Decorations
Get in the spirit of Mexico's most colorful celebration of the year and make your own fun decorations! 
In this one off class you will have the opportunity to decorate a clay offering bowl, learning some basic clay making techniques with a fun selection of Catrina and Calavera skull molds. We will then paint these in all the colors and patterns famous for the day of the dead. Once completed our teacher will apply a gloss glaze and fire the pieces for you to collect 5 days later.
Suitable for all skill levels, the participants in the class will take home a decorated offering bowl and some bonus skull ornaments!
2 1/2 hr class
All materials included including preformed bowl form, clay for mold making, pre formed ornaments, colored underglazes, gloss glaze and firings
Your pieces will be ready to be collected.. 5 days later

Drawing Puerto VallARTa Class

From: 675 MXN
The drawing classes are designed for all levels, and take you step by step to develop your skills, from basic to advanced level with personalized attention. We will do exercises to observe motor skills, creativity and we will look at our environment with an artistic gaze. This will be held in a classroom setting at Art VallARTa. We will use the subject of the beauty of Puerto VallARTa for you to learn and draw.   About your teacher Chrystian Yaxche I am a multidisciplinary artist who works mainly with painting and digital art. My origins are academic, I studied at the San Carlos Academy in Mexico City, as was done in the old school, I also really enjoy learning about new techniques and supports, I have come from the canvas to the monitor, with paintings and digital art , including murals, body paint, sculptural modeling, paper sculpture, I have even made dance, body paint and music presentations, mixing my work with that of other artists and disciplines. I love multidisciplinary art. More than twenty years of work have allowed me to dedicate my time to each technique and explore its possibilities. I have also been a painting teacher in some schools, participated in cultural days with students of all ages and levels, I like to spread art as a positive development activity. I am convinced that art is a path and a vehicle of exploration that leads you to know everything about everything in the world and also the internal world of emotions and ideas. It creates collaborative links with artists and professionals from all areas and at the same time it can be a personal refuge where you can snuggle up for a while to contemplate and create.

Dia da los Muertos Mask Class

From: 775 MXN
Join artist Ernesto Guerra, for a one day mask creation class.
During this class you will learn tips and trick to help give your mask character. You will also learn how to incorporate the Dia de los Muertos theme into your pieces. I will supply you with the mask and all the magical embellishments that will bring your one of a kind mask to life. It’s a fun and relaxed setting that is sure to bring out your creative self.

Paper mache class with Ernesto Guerra

From: 675 MXN
Fridays at 10:00am-12:00pm
Members 425.00 pesos / Non-members 675.00 pesos
Learn all the skills needed to build a paper Mache sculpture.   In this class you will learn how to create the structure, prepare the paste from scratch and apply the layers of paper mache.  This class will give you a full understanding of paper mache and will prepare you for any paper mache creation you may think of.

Mexican Mondays, Culture and Art Painting Class

From: 675 MXN
Cost:  Members 425 pesos (plus canvas)  Non-members 675 pesos (plus canvas) Each Monday morning we will explore a tradition, icon, folk art or Mexican design. We will make artwork based on the theme of the Monday. The class will start with a little history of the theme and discuss how the theme inspires you and the art you might like to create. Together, each student will make a piece of art. Usually, a small canvas or at times might be a different medium. Supplies will be available and if you want to take you work home, canvases are available in the Art Vallarta store for a nominal cost. If you have a fun idea please submit a favorite Mexican Cultural Icon inspiration you would like to make. Mondays from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm Themes will vary week to week. Here is a sample of class topics: The Catrina Mexican Doorways The love letter dove Loteria Cards Frida Kahlo's Pets Ex Voto Painting Mexican Calendar Art Pre Colombian Stamp Art    

Freestyle Acrylic Painting Class

From: 675 MXN
Freestyle Acrylic Painting is a class where you get to do whatever theme of a painting you would like while learning. Do you have a painting idea you would like to paint and would like to do it with the guidance of an instructor? This class is great for a beginner, student or recreational painter who enjoys being around other painters. Material for painting ideas are also in the studio so you can be inspired with your projects. Ernesto Guerra will be the lead instructor for this class that happens twice weekly. You will be able to leave your painting in the studio from class to class or take your canvas home to continue at your leisure. The studio has floor and table easels for you to set up your area. Ernesto will offer basic instruction and offer critics and guidance when you want it. Ernesto is a charming, gentle teacher, and his artwork is also featured in ART VallARTA.  If you are a short term tourist this class will also offer basic supplies and the ART VallARTa store on the ground level has many size canvases and any additional supplies you might want to use during or after the class. Ernesto is fluent in English and Spanish.

Pan De Muertos, Day of the Dead bread cooking class

From: 1200 MXN

 We will make two or three different types of traditional bread from areas of central, south and west Mexico. As we talk about this rich culinary history, we will study forming the dough using shapes that welcome and celebrate our ancestors.

Chef Ruben Iniquez & Chef Nathalie Herling’s Magical Mexican Salsas

From: 1600 MXN
Join us Tuesday evening at 6:00pm Chefs Ruben and Nathalie will take us on a journey of different sauces that can be used in many different ways. Taking classic Mexican ingredients and by doing a variety of cooking techniques he will show how you can get many different flavors, textures and options for other dishes. Ruben and Nathalie make Salsas sing. You will help in the preparation and we will eat cool different salsas as we prepare them. We will also learn how to make classic sopes with a filling and test all the salsas that we have made to have some wonderful flavors. Beer, wine, local spirits and jugos are included. You will be comfortably full by the end of the meal and in a very happy mood... sometimes Salsa dancing breaks out from all the happiness. A very popular class!

Sugar Skull Class with Nathalie Herling

From: 675 MXN
2021 dates - October 28, 2021 11:00am-1:00pm Come make edible Sugar Skulls for your El Dia de los Muertos Altar in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Nathalie Herling will teach a class and offer you hands on instructions so you can make Mexican Sugar Skulls. This workshop will be for adults. Make Sugar skulls for all your future Day of the Dead celebrations. Over the course of the morning will make different size sugar skulls using molds. After the skulls dry we will decorate. All participants will be taking home a good amount of skulls to decorate their own home altars. We will start at 11:00 am at the ART VallARTa Studio on Calle Pilitas 213 where we will make the special sugar mixture to mold the skulls and set them up for drying. Approx 2 hours. While we decorate the skull with bright color sugar frosting, sequins and various craft supplies. Bring names of novios and friends you would like to dedicate your skulls too and a small box to transport your new skulls. In the background we will have playing the Day of the Dead “Food for our Ancestors” video.