Artist Agreement


      I (Artist) agree to contribute a 40% commission to ART VallARTa if any of my art work is sold during the exhibition or while at ART Vallarta and if sold to any client related to ART Vallarta.

      Artist agrees to respect the investment of money, time and community support ART VallARTa puts into presenting my artwork and will not go around or present themselves directly to any of ART VallARTa's patrons, collectors or event attendees. I understand, Art Vallarta wants to feel free to send their patrons to my Facebook pages, websites, studios and exhibit my work. As a collaborative artist of ART VallARTa I understand, ART VallARTa is asking for a minimal commission and charge no fees to participate. In the event outside sale should be generated by this collaboration that I will respectfully pay the 30% commission to ART VallARTa as an offering to the investment/space they have offered, their continued support and future opportunities with ART VallARTa (for 6 months after the closing of exhibition)

      ART VallARTa will do it best to handle your artwork with professional art handling practices. While in our exhibitions and in our galleries we do our best to take the best care of your artwork. We can not be financially liable for theft or damages. We have not had any incidences in our history and do our best with security and love of the preservation of artists works.

      I understand ART VallARTa will do their best to get a fair market value for my artwork and build the marketability of my artwork. For a minimum of one year, I will not lower the price of the exhibited artwork that has appeared in any sale or exhibition at ART VallARTa (other than offer the work for a charitable donation).

      Artwork exhibited will remain in the exhibition for the full length of the Exhibition. On some occassions, when a client is leaving town before the exhibit has closed, your piece may be removed from the exhibition as not to inhibits the artwork's sale.

      ART VallARTa has the right to digitally or print photos of artists work, include your name for publicity and promotional purposes. Artist's name will be included whenever possible.

      ART VallARTa has the right to promote your artwork on the ART VallARTa website.

      SAT (Tax Administration Service) requires an RFC AND CURP to be able to sell your art and pay your commission.  If you do not have these two documents, please email to discuss if any other options are available to you.  Faliure to provide your RFC AND CURP prior to the shows open could result in your pieces being removed from the exhibition.   

        Exhibition pieces must be collected within 14 days after the closing date of the exhibition. Art Vallarta does not have the space and cannot assume liabilty for your art after 14 days.

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